by Keyla Sanchez

Makeup, makeup, makeup. Since I moved to Omaha, NE almost 6 years ago, I have worked with a variety of types of skins and skin tones from Hispanics like myself to Caucasians and African-Americans. People think that it is easy to be a makeup artist, however your work is based on many features and attributes of the client and these vary from person to person. The most important attribute is the client’s taste or inclination. I have worked from clients who preferred a more subtle and natural look, all the way to clients that love showing a heavy makeup with big false lashes. So, when my clients ask me to do what “I think” would look beautiful on them, I always tell them that my personal taste might not be the same as theirs.

My number one rule as a professional makeup artist is: Enhance your client’s beauty but as long as she feels comfortable with the look you are providing. Show them pictures of your previous work and explain why some looks might look better than others depending on the client’s own features.

In Omaha, there is a mixture of cultures as well as backgrounds. When I lived in Venezuela, I never worked with people from India, for example. The beautiful color of their skin allows you to apply almost any color you have on your eye-shadow palette. I have learned so much in these six years living in Nebraska. Not only as a professional makeup artist by attending seminars and fashion shows to keep myself updated on new trends, but I have also thrive in a personal way. Omaha is such a wonderful city, full of joy and stunning people. I learn from my clients every single day because no face resembles another one. I have to design a whole new way to apply makeup with every client, according to their taste, backgrounds, occasions, and even mood. My clients are unique.

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