by Keyla Sanchez

If you have had eyelash extensions before, I am sure that you know how beautiful they look with a minimum of monthly maintenance. The first thing you should be aware of, is that if you have sensitive eyes, especially sensitivity to latex, there is a chance that you can develop a reaction to the adhesive. I also have an adhesive especially designed for sensitive eyes just let me know as soon as you arrive to my studio if you have allergies or any sensitivity to latex.
For every appointment, you should come mascara and eyeliner free. It is better if you come with no makeup at all and no oily products on, as this can prevent the extensions from adhering well to your natural eyelashes. After cleaning your lashes, prior to attaching any extensions, I will put an undereye gel patch on your bottom lashes to prevent them from sticking to the top lashes while I work on them. There’s always a couple of naughty bottom lashes that can stick out of the patch and stick to the top lashes, but don’t worry, I will carefully detach them at the end of the entire process.
The process takes about an hour. I will attach extensions individually and how full they’ll look will depend on how many natural lashes you have. Remember, some people have more than other and every person is different.
One of the most common questions my clients ask is: how long do they last?. Well, as I said before, everyone is different. We naturally shed our lashes, and this shedding (just like we shed our hair) is controlled by hormones levels, products that we use, stress, etc. Most of my clients come every three weeks for their touch-ups appointments, but I have a few who come every two weeks. This variations occur even on the same person, depending on their menstrual cycle, for example. The same client who have been coming every three to four weeks for their usual touch-up appointment, every once in a while have to come two weeks after an appointment because she has had lots of shedding on that current growth cycle.
Avoiding products that contain alcohols, glycols, carbonates and urea will prevent the premature detachment of the extensions. I sell a Novalash Aftercare Kit at my studio that brings the only mascara that you can wear with Novalash adhesive, as well as a makeup remover without alcohol and a conditioner that prevents the adhesive from getting dry. I highly recommend the purchase of the Novalash Aftercare Kit for the maintenance of your extensions. Other conditioners from other brands do not work well on Novalash Adhesive. You’re already investing money on putting your extensions on, therefore it would be wise to maintain them well so your extensions always look their best!
Please ask any questions that you have in mind, I will gladly explain anything you need to know πŸ™‚

by Keyla Sanchez, BS, CLE